How to Send in Pipettes for Service

It is very important when sending your pipette for service that the Calibration Order Form is filled out completely. If the Calibration Order Form or Order Confirmation are not included in the shipment, no work will commence on your order.

To Submit pipettes using our Calibration Order Form:
  1. Go to
  2. Print and fill out the Calibration Order Form (please include any pertinent information about repairs)
  3. Go to to get a FedEx shipping label (free 2nd Day when sending 15+ pipettes)
  4. Box up the pipettes, add the shipping label, and mail them to
West Coast facility address:, 10360 Sorrento Valley Rd, San Diego CA 92121 East Coast facility address:, 7690 First Pl, Building D, Suite D, Oakwood Village, OH 44146

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