Why is Metrology Based Pipette Calibration Important?

Metrology is defined as a science of measurement. Metrology based pipette calibration provides a platform where the process is done within strict guidelines of National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). This ensures that there is a methodology and a standard set for all of the equipment used to calibrate the pipettes. If this standard is not followed there cannot be a statistical guarantee that your results are accurate to true standards. Science is based on reproducible results. When reproducible results cannot be achieved all work is voided. Thus, scientists must strive that all of their work is reproducible. In order to achieve reproducibility scientists must have accurate and precise equipment. 

Pipettes are the cornerstone of all research, thus they must always be precise and accurate. In order to achieve this scientists must choose pipette service providers that follow strict metrology guidelines. Providers whose equipment is also calibrated and follows strict NIST rules can provide accurate and precise results giving you informative data on the status of your work and your pipette. Without metrology based calibration one cannot statistically say if the pipette is truly within range, it is simply an assumption using an uncertified piece of equipment.

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